Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusader

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Not everyone is going to like what I write, I get that. What I write is pretty much equivalent to a 17+ or M rating for games accept there are no swear words in what I write. Blood and violence due to the time peroid of the fantasy/ supernatural / horror or scifi. A female protagonist with lots of angst towards the antagonists due to what they do. No one gets away with anything in my books, but it is fiction after all. Take a journey inside my head, maybe you will like the trip maybe you will not. Oh and one more thing the main character is usually immortal.

Author Bio:

Canada born. Descent of 1/16th Mohawk, half irish, 1/4 dutch, some english, welsh, french and other nationalities within. Likes researching genealogy, history, linguistics, the middle ages and tries his best to stay away from any news and politics. Married and has one son.

Excerpts can be found in the notes on my main facebook page