Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusaders

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Trilogy Book Names and Episodes

Book 1: Shianu Kusasaki - The Girl Who Would Be A Samurai

Red Ops

Feudal ways of living as a samurai or gunslinger gradually come back. Story starts in King's Circle University of Toronto St. George Campus. Main character is Shianu Kusasake and she isi the girl that becomes a samurai because her brother was suppose to be the samurai, but died from ak47 shots to his chest where somehow her small self survived one bullet that just missed her heart by a couple of inches. Her japanese family are slaughter and to hide from it all she joins the military and is recruited for Red Ops. Not everyone knew of her being half mohawk so she is able to keep going with half her family still alive as all of the japanese family were murdered by the mob or yakusa.