Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusader

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Trilogy Titles and Episodes

Book 1 - Dochelfin
1. Alexandra - Overboard
2. Alexandra - Cannibals
3. Alexandra - Hunter
4. Alexandra - Magician
5. Alexandra - Wolf
6. Alexandra - Lost Ciphers
7. Alexandra - Tortured
8. Alexandra - High Tea
9. Alexandra - Training
10. Alexandra - Metamorphosis
11. Alexandra - Trolls
12. Alexandra - Lost
13. Jacob - Black Objects
14. Jacob - Hot Pursuit
15. Jacob - Wings
16. Alexandra - Sisters
17. Alexandra - Awakening
18. Brigaat - Cyborgs

Book 2 - Goblin Queen
19. Mahakali - Goblin Queen
20. Beth - Werecat Leader
21. Kalima - Immortality
22. Kalima - Betrayed
23. Kalima - The Sea
24. Kalima - Reborn
25. Kalima - Abducted
26. Kalima - The Lab
27. Nobeard - Changes
28. BlackBear - Alliance
29. GreyWolf - Proposals
30. Ferret - Betrothal
31. Kalima - Firebird
32. Alexandra - Goblin Incursions
33. Jacob - Icorn People
34. Thorinjian - Sword of Kharn
35. Beth - Underground
36. Mahakali - Darkness Rises
37. Alexandra - Gathering
38. Alexandra - War of the Goblins
39. Spicy - Fall of the Dragons

Book 3 - Dragon Queen
40. Spicy - Dragon Queen
41. ???

Ancient Black Objects - Previously Known as Immortals of Scar

What is this series all about? Well the concept was created quite some time ago. Basically it is about immortals that go through a lot of situations that cause scars to them. These things are hard for us humans to understand concidering the fact that we can die and these immortals cannot even die if their heads were cut off or they were chopped into tiny pieces. It takes a lot to be an immortal and once an immortal obviously always an immortal. This series takes place on many worlds that have different stages of technology, kind of the difference between being in the dark ages towards being far into the future with spaceships and such.

The concept is called Immortals of Scar and used to be the series title, but I changed the series title to Ancient Black Objects to remind myself of how this series originally started as a book called "Ancient Black Objects" that I had released back in 2000.


This is the first installation of a three part story where a war between two races that grew apart from each other as they at one time were the same race. These races came before the elves, before the giants and dwarves and all the other typical fantasy races. The elves always seemed far older than humanity and the elves are less than the humans compared to the elves when being compared to the dragons and the dochelfin. After billions of years of war, this story truly begins. The dragons are conquerers of worlds and eat anything and everything, their consumption almost has no end. No matter where the dochelfin go, the dragons always find them and pick up the war where they left off. A cyborg race that travel in space ships called the Mechanar are the dragons allies as well as a dark sorcerer whom even gives the dragons an uneasy feeling to be around.

It is the Mechanar or General Brigaat rather that developed the black objects that are scattered all over the universes. Not everyone has to worry about these devices of war, but some do have to worry about them. They interact with some to change them into their ultimate potential but at a price as they are teleported to another world where they are like babes just off the bottle. Before they knew what they were capable of, but now everything is new including their appearances and the things that they are capable of now no one knows how to deal with it anymore. There is no limit to the size of the black objects that are on all of the worlds throughout the many universes within the story.

Alexandra is Dochelfin and it is her story that is being told along with support characters and those that want to just make it harder for her to succeed in her plan. She is the last one born of her mother out of numerous children, or her egg is laid rather as the Dochelfin lay eggs and the eggs could stay dormant for thousands of years. They are a very adaptable race and they are as old as the dragons considering that the both of them came from the same proto-race that gave birth to the dragons and dochelfin, but none of them know who or what that race was and they don't know if it is still around or if there are more races that are linked to the proto-race. Adventure after adventure is to be had for various characters in the story and none of them really have that control that all of us seeks, but also never get. All that Alexandra has control over is her choice of action or in-action.

Like all wars this story is not a bed of roses, but at least one rose is there to attempt to save the day or days and that is Alexandra. Just like everyone says that there is no rest for the wicked there is even less rest for the good or those that strive to do good. Throughout the many years of the story Alexandra goes through excitement and sadness, many tragedies and many uplifting and beneficial moments. She is like a planet jumper as she is on many planets and dimensions. Time and space have meaning most of the time, but there are times when they don't have any meaning at all. There are no winners of any of the wars only the broken and those that have lost everything but their lives are left after the war. All that anyone can count on is that they are alive another day to try and have peace.

The worlds in the story have some of the same physics, but a lot of magic that may not be in our world. Secret ancient technology, secret information, magical characters throughout the story and one organization in one of the worlds wants to stop it and destroy it. Ancient creatures new and old, good and bad abound and interact with the many characters that will support Alexandra in her journey and many others that try to make her life a living hell. I am not going to lie, it is about the tragedies of war or it originally was about that. War is bad, but it is how Alexandra deals with it and overcomes it that makes it a story to pick up and read and not put down till done.