Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusader

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Trilogy Book Names and Episodes

Book 1: Tolerance - Templaria


This is a spin-off of the Ancient Black Objects series along the lines of Immortals of Scar. It is a series where tolerance is gone after a series of events that frighten people into beleiving the world is ending. The water rises and a new immortal is born through tragedy and strife. The sleeping Giants awaked and vatican and papacy are moved to Canada. Soon the crusades against the giants and all things thought to be gone come back. This is the Crusader series and all its beauty and tribulation where a small novitiate thought to be human thwarts an assassination attempt only to find that she is not able to sleep or die, that is Alexis.