Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusader

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Trilogy Book Names and Episodes

Book 1: Honey Lai Capone - Other Hunter

The Others

Okay what is this series about? It is a story of epic proportions to dazzle and tantalize the mind. This may just be such a story that will literally scare the pants off of my readers. So you probably won't want to read it. There are vampires, werewolves, werecats, wererats, werebeasts of all kinds and many things that I like to call Others collectively. Basically there are what is known as humans and others. The main character has a pedigree that is scattered all over the world. Her mother was a werecat making her born half werecat and later she is bitten by a vampire. Now that is not all, her father is an other hunter and she later after many trials and tribulations becomes an other hunter while dealing with her internal struggle. Her name is Honey Lai. A meteor falls from the sky and lands in the middle of the atlantic where it is said Atlantis sunk and thus a door or portal is opened and Others spill through it and come to the world. Now it is a world where everything can exist and thus it is not safe to be out at night let a lone during the day.