Series Titles

1. Ancient Black Objects

2. The Immortal

3. The Others

4. Crusaders

5. Red Ops

6. Galactic Slave Traders


Trilogy Names and Episodes

Book 1 - Goddess
1. Alyoshi - Korienko Family
2. Zebbik - Green Alien
3. Kuraikikumi - Tattoos
4. Kuraikikumi - Bunker
5. Kuraikikumi - Gladiator
6. Kuraikikumi - P.O.W.
7. Kuraikikumi - Video Exposure
8. Kuraikikumi - Nightclub
9. Kuraikikumi - Tryouts
10. Kuraikikumi - Cage Match
11. Kuraikikumi - First Game
12. Amber - Shooting
13. Amber - Class
14. Amber - Graduation
15. Amber - Silent Moon
16. Amber - Atomized
17. Amber - Origins
18. Amber - Goddess
19. Amber - Adam's Fall
20. Amalia - The Flood
21. Amalia - Servitude
22. Adya Adharma - Love of Arjuna
23. Kylie - Magh Ithe
24. Lashmi - North against South
25. Illia - Poseidon's Bride
26. Mariana - Whitness
27. Euokia - Blood and Death
28. Kleio - Spartan Girl
29. Sofi - Hades Bane
30. Aurellia - Roman Soldier
31. Alfdis - Mercenary of Aries

The Immortal

This series follows the life of an immortal known as Kuraikikumi. Many disastrous events happen in her very long life of over three hundred million years. She experiences many situations and also allows me to rewrite our own history so to speak. There is a lot of science in this series and it probably stretches it pretty thin even if I did lots of physics research for the series. A lot of wars are in this series, but I kept the total down to a few hundred or so out of the more than ten thousand known wars on our earth. Her original planet is destroyed by green and blue aliens just because there were no green and blue people on the planet. Bunkers are built before this for other reasons and Kuraikikumi is born in a bunker and then a cave system opens up. Each time a person goes into the cave they go through trials and come back with a small tattoo and somewhat changed from the experience. Animals grow away from us while she is in the bunker. The tattoos eventually add up to make bigger tattoos. Gaining more than seventeen thousand tattoos makes her very powerful compared to all of those outside of the caves. Once she leaves the bunkers she is captured and forced into the pits where gladiators fight like the old style Rome. Training is to the death. Becoming the last gladiator standing she becomes disallusioned and does not want to fight anymore. By the time that she is twenty eight she has killed many people, went to college, played a brutal sport that leaves people dead or broken and obtains a few phds. An accident at work destroys the planet that she is on and sends her to our world at three hundred years before present. In some senses what we know of our history is re-written with her smack dab in the middle of it all, yes including Adam and Eve and Noah's flood.